Model Setup Automation

Experience a seamless setup process like never before with our new model setup automation features, designed to save you time and effort while ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Two new Monitor variables from STAR-CCM+ and Fluent convey values from a coupling process in order to set boundary conditions or other parameters for CFD simulations. The new TAITherm Input Variable can be used to populate thermal boundary condition curves and solar inputs, replacing the use of dedicated TAITherm Curve Import Tasks.

Enhanced Navigation

With our Navigation Toolbar, you can quickly navigate to previously and subsequently selected resources and tasks. Our new Process Hierarchy Navigation widget provides an efficient way to display the current sub-process level and enables you to quickly navigate to encapsulating process levels. In addition, our Resource and Task Inspector now includes a context menu option, allowing you to easily navigate to and view those Resource or Task definitions. These new features allow you to streamline your workflow and manage your simulations more efficiently than ever before.

Scatter Plots

The 2023.1 CoTherm release includes even more improvements to Scatter Plots. Excel and MATLAB variables representing individual rows or columns can be used as X or Y axis data for Scatter Plots.

Improved Performance

CoTherm has introduced new features that allow for faster execution of processes that involve the generation of multiple scatter plots, monitors, variable updates, and journal commands. With these features, users can expect significant improvements in the speed of document generation. By leveraging these capabilities, CoTherm users can perform their simulations and analyses much more efficiently.

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