Thursday, September 23, 2021 | 9:00-9:45AM EDT

HVAC system and cabin design are important considerations in vehicle design. It is well understood that these factors are strongly related to the energy efficiency of the vehicle as well as the perceived quality of the design. Coupling 3D physics models with systems models allows engineers to create efficient simulations of the cabin and HVAC systems. Join us for our live webinar at 9AM EDT on Thursday, September 23rd, where we will describe two methods for coupling TAITherm, GT-SUITE and STARCCM+.

The first method leverages a coupling infrastructure between GT-SUITE and TAITherm with STARCCM+ used to create input data for the reduced order fluid model. This method is best suited when fast running models are desired such as in control system analysis. This webinar will provide a description of the work flow, detail the intended applications and review several case studies where this approach was used to support HVAC and cabin design studies.

The second coupling method is used for virtual validation studies. This method couples all three tools using CoTherm as a master process. A description of the coupling process, the intended applications and a brief case study is provided.

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