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MuSES software provides integrated heat transfer analysis and infrared signature prediction, including flat shaded bidirectional reflection (BRDF) rendering of radiosity. Users can explore thermal designs that will reduce the IR signature of their system against realistic uniform or faceted backgrounds. By integrating heat transfer analysis with apparent thermal signature prediction, overall system performance can be enhanced early in the development cycle. MuSES is the standard IR Signature prediction code of many divisions of the US Military, and is widely used by US defense contractors.



RadTherm is full-featured, cross-platform, heat transfer analysis software for system-level CAE applications. RadTherm utilizes a state-of-the-art Radiation Module and an extremely user friendly Graphical User Interface to set up boundary conditions for multi-mode heat transfer: multibounce radiation, conduction and convection with one-dimensional fluid flow.

RadThermIR Thermal analysis software



RadThermIR is a thermal and infrared simulation tool. Designed for accurate IR predictions with full background interactions, RadThermIR software is available for Windows, Unix and Linux operating systems. Simulations with RadThermIR deliver a complete temperature distribution and heat rates for radiation, conduction and convection, allowing your team to maximize engineering options in early stages of vehicle development or validate final product design. With the temperature distribution established, infrared radiance in selected wave bands can be predicted for diffuse, single-bounce BRDF, and multibounce BRDF renderings.



WinTherm is designed for component-level modeling and simulation and provides the user with a complete solution to heat transfer analysis for models up to 20,000 thermal nodes (typically 10,000 mesh elements). WinTherm runs under Windows and UNIX and allows users from any engineering background (thermal or other) to analyze their thermal components quickly and accurately.

human Comfort Module Thermal analysis software



The ThermoAnalytics Human Comfort Module is an advanced plug-in for analyzing human thermal comfort within complex environments: indoor, outdoor, and in transportation systems. Our Human Comfort plug-in for RadTherm and MuSES software allows users to place virtual test dummies into these environments, and compute comfort indexes. Full radiant, convective and conductive heat transfer is accounted for, including localized thermoregulatory response such as perspiration, respiration, and blood flow changes.

Hyperspectral analysis software module



The Hyperspectral IR Rendering Module is a separately-licensed feature integrated in MuSES for rendering a hypercube of narrow-band BRDF renderings for MWIR and LWIR. These renderings represent the output of state-of-the art hyperspectral thermal imagers currently available. The Hyperspectral Module extends the benefits of MuSES and enhances the analysis of detection and concealment technologies.

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MuSES Infrared Signature Prediction Software

MuSES is the next-generation infrared signature prediction software service. It provides thermal modeling and IR signature prediction within an easy-to-use graphical interface. With MuSES, you can view thermal signature drivers under realistic environmental conditions and locations.

RadTherm® Heat Transfer Analysis Software

RadTherm software predicts your product's steady state and transient heat transfer behavior. Armed with a complete temperature distribution and heat rates for radiation, conduction and convection, your team can maximize engineering options in early stages of development or validate a final product design.

RadThermIR Infrared Analysis Software

RadThermIR was designed for accurate IR predictions with full background interactions. It simulates a complete temperature distribution and heat rates for radiation, conduction and convection. With the temperature distribution established, you can predict infrared radiance in selected wave bands.

RadThermRT Terrain Heat Transfer Analysis Software

RadTherm/RT predicts and graphically displays road and surrounding terrain temperatures. Inputs include a digital 3d-faceted terrain representation, meteorological data, and scenario (time/location) information.

ThermoReg Human Thermoregulatory Simulation Software

ThermoReg is an anatomically realistic code that predicts the thermal effects of radio frequencies (RF) on living tissue.Electromagnetic energy from RF heats up human tissue. Tissue temperature increases as little as 4°C above normal body temperature can have devastating effects.


Modules plug in to our software codes to extend their functionality. Our modules improve our software in areas such as parallel processing, plume radiance, hyperspectral IR analysis, human comfort, and battery analysis.

Custom Software

ThermoAnalytics can custom-design thermal or fluid software tools that integrate with your CAD design package. Many complementary utilities for visualization, geometry format translation, and fluid flow (including CFD) can also be developed.

TAI Software Validation Examples

These examples correlate theoretical problem solutions to the solvers incorporated into RadTherm, WinTherm, and MuSES. Other validation work has been performed, such as using thermal imaging equipment to verify models.


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Technical support and software maintenance are provided to all customers who purchase ThermoAnalytics software. For more complex problems, your models can be securely sent to ThermoAnalytics so that our technical support engineers can look at the problem in more detail.

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