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MuSES is the future of infrared signature prediction.

Infrared Analysis Concept Vehicle Signature ServicesInfrared Analysis Concept Vehicle Signature Services

MuSES (Multi-Service Electro-Optic Signature) is an industry leading infrared signature software that provides complete thermal modeling and IR signature prediction.  It is very robust, easy to use, fast, and computationally efficient, which will allow your team to get more accurate predictions while maintaining any stringent requirements already in place.

With MuSES, teams can develop a comprehensive and complete understanding of thermal signature drivers under real-world environmental conditions and locations. The user can investigate conduction heat rates, convection heat rates and radiation heat rates using a multi-physics approach that most closely replicates how a component or system will perform under real-world thermal stresses.

Other technologies get more and more outdated with each passing day, but the MuSES solution continues to innovate and iterate…making it difficult to imitate.

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