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[Webinar] TAI & Exa: Battery Simulation for the Lab, Track, and Real World (1PM EST)

Monday, February 27, 2017

Batteries are one of the most difficult components to thermally manage. Many factors, such as drive-cycle, component location, environment, and more, contribute to the volatile environment in which a battery resides. 

How can you manage all of these factors when designing your battery? By using a transient simulation solution. 

Join us for our next webinar on MondayFebruary 27th at 1:00 PM EST as we partner with Exa to share our solution for creating durable, high-performance battery models that can be integrated into a full-vehicle model. 

Learn how you can:

  • work with simulation at the cell, pack, and vehicle level
  • utilize layout tools to generate pack geometry with varying numbers of cells and orientations
  • utilize simulation to model varying drive-cycles
  • create fast, real-time models to use in system simulations and testing
  • work across multiple departments, developing the battery and integrating it into a vehicle