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Breakout Sessions

Breakout Session Schedule

Monday 9AM-4PM | TAITherm Introduction to New Users

Wednesday 8AM-12PM | Applications of Seat Manikin (STAN)

Wednesday 8AM-12PM | Rethink Coupling: A New Way to Automate Coupling

Wednesday 8AM-12PM | The Key to Battery Development is Thermal

Wednesday 1PM-5PM | Leading the Simulation Industry: Advanced Techniques Using CoTherm

Wednesday 1PM-5PM | Demystifying Environmental Effects and Cabin Comfort Modeling

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Breakout Session Descriptions

TAITherm Introduction for New Users

Discover how to simulate accurate thermal models using TAITherm. Predict the full range of temperature distribution in your design using fast and accurate transient simulation techniques. 
  • Get introduced to TAITherm for heat transfer analysis
  • Discover methods for predicting convection, conduction, and radiation
  • Utilize post-processing tools to find the dominant mode of heat transfer
  • Model natural weather environments
  • Discuss coupling TAITherm to CFD simulations

Applications of Seat Mankin (STAN) with Thermetrics

Join our partner Thermetrics for a round-table discussion about the applications of STAN, their seat thermal manikin.  This session is tailored for existing and future users of the STAN system, but will be informative for anybody doing simulation and measurements with seating systems. 
  • Discuss standard test protocols and typical measurement results
  • Learn about using STAN for model validation
  • Discuss practical considerations about device maintenance and calibration
  • Discuss potential capabilities and features for STAN in the future

Rethink Coupling: A New Way to Automate with CoTherm

Create automated coupling processes to obtain the data you want from your favorite CAE tools. Use CoTherm to facilitate the flow of information between CAE simulation products. 
  • Review key concepts and user interface
  • Define key properties to streamline process transferability
  • Examine Thermal-CFD coupling applications—steady-state, pseudo-transient, etc.
  • Leverage Python journals and automating HPC cluster configurations

The Key to Battery Development is Thermal

As electric vehicles become more ubiquitous in the market, optimizing battery performance is key. Temperature has a huge impact on the way batteries perform. Discover how to model the thermal management for your battery design.
  • Get introduced to Equivalent Circuit and Distributed Battery Extensions
  • Thermal modeling of battery cells, modules, and packs
  • Derive equivalent circuit coefficients from test data
  • Learn about battery lifetime modeling
  • Explore modeling battery thermal runaway

Leading the Simulation Industry: Advanced Techniques using CoTherm

If you're looking to take your simulation methods to the next level, this session is for you. The techniques discussed are leading-edge processes for companies today.
  • Discover dynamic drive cycle analysis
  • Discuss motivation for surrogate/meta-modeling
  • Leverage speed-based and multi-variable automated processes
  • Reduce runtime, managing data, and post-processing
  • Optimize thermal/CFD inputs
  • Example application: heat shield design for optimal protection 

Demystifying Environmental Effects and Cabin Comfort Modeling

The weather outside can be frightful—presenting thermal design challenges for everything from door seal adhesion to human thermal comfort. Learn new strategies to beat the heat (and the cold) through cabin simulation. We will discuss topics ranging from external environments to thermal management strategies to the longevity of materials, and more. 
    • Simulate natural weather environments
    • Model transparent glass including spectral and angle-dependent transmission
    • Predict solar soak temperatures for components, electronics, and battery boxes
    • Predict temperatures and gradients for surfaces exposed to the sun
    • Simulate human thermal comfort
    • Model comfort and energy savings from heated seats, heated steering wheels, radiant panels, etc.

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