MATLAB Integration

MATLAB  is now seamlessly integrated with CoTherm, and includes a new tool, task, and variable. The MATLAB tool  can be run in the background and used by MATLAB tasks. The MATLAB Run Task allows you to execute its  code from CoTherm, whether from a separate file or self-contained in the .pmd file. The MATLAB  Variable links a MATLAB workspace variable into CoTherm. These new features allow the power of MATLAB and related technologies (e.g., Simulink) to be easily integrated into any CoTherm process involving coupling, pre-processing, or post-processing.

New Excel Variable to Retrieve Ranges from Spreadsheets

Access data in a more flexible way by using the new Excel variable. The Excel variable  allows you to point at a single cell or a range of cells within a spreadsheet and get a single value or array data back as a CoTherm variable. This process allows easy integration for Excel files to specify inputs or perform spreadsheet calculations within CoTherm.

Support for Array-type CoTherm Variables

CoTherm variables can now represent more complex 1D or 2D arrays. When utilizing variables with array data, you can access new symbol modifiers to get an entire array or subset of an array, depending on which symbol modifier you use. 

Enhanced File Browser

You can select files with ease using CoTherm’s enhanced file browser. The browser will now return an absolute path if the file is located outside of the .pmd file’s directory. It may return a relative path if the file is in the same directory as the .pmd.  We’ve also added a right-click option to quickly toggle between absolute and relative if the default behavior is not the appropriate path type. These enhancements will lead to a more efficient and transferrable workflow. 

Python Engine Update

We’ve updated CoTherm’s built-in interpreter to include the Pandas package. Pandas is a high-level building block for doing practical, real- world data analysis in Python. This package provides a more convenient and usable way to read tabular data and work with CoTherm. 

Improved Performance for CAE Coupling Tasks

Updating TAITherm convergence variables has been made drastically faster for large models. This update dramatically  improves efficiency for coupling scenarios that require many convergence variable updates, such as transient thermal-CFD coupling.

We have overhauled the process used by OpenFOAM Import and Map Tasks to improve mapping efficiency. The mapping is now performed directly by the Import task and uses an efficient search faster than the previous approach. 


Want to learn more? Join Daniel and Allison, two of our talented thermal and CFD engineers, as they walk you through the new features and enhancements in our TAITherm and CoTherm software.

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