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Exa Corporation has partnered with ThermoAnalytics to deliver PowerTHERM, a complete thermal management solution.

Image courtesy of © Dassault Systèmes

Together with Exa's PowerFLOW – simulation software to accurately predict aerodynamic performance in real-world conditions – PowerTHERM performs thermal simulations to accurately predict real world transient airflow conditions on the most complex geometry. Engineers can accurately predict temperatures, visualize the flow and temperature fields for the entire vehicle, identify problem areas, and evaluate possible solutions to improve the design and eliminate issues.

cabin comfort analysis Image courtesy of © Dassault Systèmes

Unlike costly development based on prototypes, climate wind tunnels and test tracks, validated simulation-driven design with Exa provides accurate, targeted results early in the design stage. Getting the design right early means that expensive rework and delays are avoided. Powered by ThermoAnalytics’ technology, PowerTHERM helps OEMs avoid damaging field failures and safety concerns associated with the increasing requirements for thermal management in today’s high-tech vehicles. Applications include underbody and engine compartment thermal protection, brake cooling, key-off and soak, electronics and battery cooling, HVAC system performance, cabin comfort, and defrost.

Image courtesy of © Dassault Systèmes

As part of a complete simulation platform combining model preparation, results analysis, and geometry modification, PowerTHERM and PowerFLOW are two key components of the Exa Total Vehicle Analysis approach. Total Vehicle Analysis with Exa helps engineers from multiple disciplines stay tightly coordinated with simulation results and design optimizations across all vehicle systems – including Thermal, Aerodynamics, Aeroacoustics, PowerTrain, and Climate Control.