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Gamma Technologies and ThermoAnalytics have partnered together to create a dedicated coupling interface between GT-SUITE and TAITherm that leverage each tool’s strengths. The new, integrated product combining GT-SUITE and TAITherm delivers high-accuracy 3D thermal and flow modeling with the speed that is needed for system levels studies. The result is an accurate and fast 3D cabin simulation. 

GT-SUITE is a comprehensive platform for system simulation that can either focus on a single sub-system or create an integrated full vehicle system model. COOL3D provides a spatially resolved cabin volume with a fast quasi-3D transient solution. Occupants act as heat and humidity sources. 

TAITherm is a comprehensive and flexible thermal modeling program, one that predicts the full range of temperature distribution in your product or system. TAITherm provides a fast multi-mode heat transfer solution. Human occupants and their physiological responses can also be simulated with the Human Thermal Model.

Together the tools provide fast, spatially resolved and accurate cabin models that can be quickly created for faster design iteration. Setting up and running a coupled simulation is easier with new automation tasks in geometry preparation, model setup, data exchange and post-processing. The flow and thermal domains are automatically linked together and the transient-transient co-simulation is fully automated.

Watch GT-SUITE Coupling Webinar