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Paint Design & Optimization

IR Contrast Reduction of Paint Optimization (Contrast vs Aziumuth)

ThermoAnalytics is the global leader in paint design optimization for infrared contrast reduction. Our IR analysis group has developed proprietary methods of optimizing the spectral properties of paints that can provide significant signature management improvements, at low cost, without adding weight, space claims or additional complexity to a ship, aircraft or ground vehicle design.

Using our industry-leading MuSES infrared signature analysis software, we generate sensor band BRDF renderings and design paints to minimize contrast under a set of customer-defined weighted parameters, including:

  • Geographic Location
  • Weather Season
  • Time of Day
  • Azimuth
  • Elevation
  • IR Wavelength
  • Mission Profile
  • Sensor Range

Paint Optimization, Original vs Optimized

In the example shown here, without changing the visible color of the base CARC green paint, we significantly reduced the IR contrast of the vehicle by modifying the paint’s spectral properties. The paint was optimized to reduce contrast in a European scene. We can also compute averages across any of these parameters to integrate the effects of season, time of day, etc.

By modifying the paint constituents, we can influence and improve the performance of the paint’s performance, including, but not limited to:

  • Solar Absorptance
  • Thermal Emissivity
  • Spectral Hemispheric Reflectance
  • Specularity

This analysis can provide your team with an understanding of which existing paint would yield the best choice or we can design a spectral reflectance curve for a custom paint, and coordinate the manufacture and testing of this novel paint to ensure accurate visual color with minimal infrared signature. Compared with the high costs of many “add on” signature reduction technologies, the ThermoAnalytics paint optimization services are an extremely low-cost alternative. Contact us to discuss your signature control needs with our engineering team.