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Get true measurements of real-world predictability for your battery analysis.

Battery Analysis for Vehicles

Transient simulation offers a more accurate and dynamic approach to thermal modeling, capturing the complicated behavior of your battery model. You can verify and optimize designs, narrowing the spectrum of design choices, saving you time and cost. You can also analyze duty cycles in real-world scenarios and environments, resulting in fewer assumptions than a steady-state process.

Runaway and Aging Models

Transient simulation is also a key component in advancing safety and reliability. TAITherm's runaway and aging models allow you to predict when, where, and how runaway will occur and take steps to prevent it.  The aging model will help you to determine the effects of your design on the life and performance of a battery.

Collaborate using a Multidisciplinary Software

Problems don't sort themselves nicely by industry. TAITherm is a multidisciplinary software that can integrate your thermal battery model into your overall design. You can collaborate across teams using full vehicle or fully integrated system modeling. The resulting data will show you how the battery will affect every part of your design and allow you to see where changes need to be made.

Battery Analysis for Electronics

Utilize Industry-Leading Models

To solve your toughest questions, you can utilize one of three models integrated into TAITherm and the Battery Extension: NREL Equivalent Circuit, NTG Equivalent Circuit, and NTG Distributed.  To learn more about these models, download the "Transient Modeling with the Battery Extension" slide deck