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Accurate assessments and actionable intelligence with TAIThermIR.

Unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) infrared analysis

TAIThermIR is one of the world’s most advanced thermal and infrared modeling programs, empowering you to perform complete, robust thermal and infrared analysis within an integrated, easy-to-use interface.

TAIThermIR’s highly optimized algorithms handle even the most complex IR challenges, providing not only accurate assessments, but actionable intelligence that can be quickly and more affordably applied to future design iterations.

Infrared analysis can be applied to humans, vehicles, buildings or other engineered systems

As with everything we do, ThermoAnalytics has designed TAIThermIR to account for and simulate the complete range of heat transfer phenomena, from convection to radiation, from storage to dissipation, from steady-state to dynamic and transient environmental influences.

Curious about the difference between TAITherm, MuSES, and TAIThermIR?