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Post Processing

Aircraft thermal analysis and meshing services

ThermoAnalytics provides your team with an extensive background in meshing for many forms of analysis, from highly efficient, quad-dominant surface meshes to solid meshes for Computational Fluid Analysis. Because we perform complete analysis projects in-house, we utilize only state-of-the-art meshing tools, such as ANSA.

Our advanced background in simulation theory is tempered by real-world engineering experience and knowledge of software limitations. Using the most advanced software tools, ThermoAnalytics can provide your team with CAD and mesh representations well-suited to your needs.

CAD and meshing services for vehicle thermal analysis

A Streamlined Meshing Workflow

We begin all thermal-fluid analysis projects by importing/creating your CAD geometry and developing a high-quality mesh representation. Keeping in mind the goals of your team and possible difficulties unique to your system, we may also establish boundary conditions and perform the analysis. The key timesaving factor is our depth of engineering and analytical experience. With a high percentage of our team having PhDs and extensive research experience, your meshing, CAD or post-processing project will be handled with precision, care, and confidence.

Post-processing Services

CFD Thermal analysis of superduty truck

After your system has been succesfully modeled, we provide your team with complete visualization tools, such as flow animations, 2D plots, and surface plots. Armed with an accurate prediction of your fluid behavior, your engineers can make well-informed design decisions. Because we can overlay various forms of data using advanced visualization software like EnSight and TecPlot, your unique data features will be made visible and comprehensible.