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Testing the limits for your thermal management needs.

Testing services with ThermoAnalyticsOnce you have accounted for most (if not all) of the real-world thermal management scenarios in the simulation environment, we can then test and validate these findings in the physical world. Doing this at the end of the design/production lifecycle greatly reduces error, time, labor and material costs otherwise associated with physical testing.

Once a thermal or infrared model has been developed, ThermoAnalytics can validate those models in the lab and field, using real physical measurements and thermography. Our testing provides complete results with comprehensive analysis and visualizations, such as flow animations, two-dimensional plots and surface plots.

ThermoAnalytics' lab tests are performed in controlled environments where parameters can be held constant to provide the highest-quality results. Our field tests discover valuable data about the quality of the model, and while simulation will save time and costs on testing, physical testing under real-world conditions is an important part of thermal and infrared analysis.