Just a couple of weeks ago, we launched TAITherm and CoTherm 2020.2. Improve your simulations and workflows by: 


  • Improved graphics and usability along with accelerated performance for larger models. These developments will help speed up your workflow. 
  • Decrease model open time and improve performance by disabling graphics when you don't need them.


  • CoTherm seamlessly integrates with MATLAB, allowing you to execute any MATLAB code. 
  • Access data in a more flexible way by using the new Excel variable to gather ranges of data from Excel. 

Download the new versions of the software right away if you have a current license. If you do not have a current license, email sales-renewals@thermoanalytics.com, and Josh will help you get started. 

Read about the other great features and enhancements we've made in the latest release on the TAITherm and CoTherm features pages.