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Re-think coupling. CoTherm and your CAE tools are a perfect match.

Customized scripting got you down? Think there should be a better way? We did too, so we made one. CAE analysis often requires detailed processes involving complex physics, multiple software codes and customized scripts. For an optimized analysis, coupling CAE tools is often the solution. We’ve now made that process intelligent and intuitive. 

CoTherm is an ambassador that facilitates the flow of information between CAE simulation products. Instead of working with complicated scripts, CoTherm lets you construct complex CAE coupling processes with an intuitive user interface allowing you to graphically monitor and automate your coupled simulation. Customize your coupling workflow within the GUI, making it as simple or as complicated as you like.  You can create a completely automated process using the GUI by combining generic and process-specific tasks.

CoTherm can also be extended using the API (for example to support proprietary in-house software packages which need special interfaces). The modular design of CoTherm makes it easy for a process to be built once and re-used for many different products and scenarios. You only need to change the resources that represent the current case of interest, yielding rapid analysis turn-around.

CoTherm also provides detailed monitoring which allows you to interpret results using a color-coded heat map and graphs. Using CoTherm allows you to complete this process faster while getting comprehensive results for your analysis. Along with CoTherm comes our team of amazing engineers who deliver excellent support including timely software upgrades and quick responses to your questions. 

Click here to see a list of the top features in CoTherm.

Example CoTherm workflowCustomize your coupling workflow within CoTherm's intuitive interface.
Detailed results monitoring in CoThermThe color-coded heat map allows you to monitor your results.
Example CoTherm heat map graphExpand any of the data in the heat map for a more in-depth view.
Resources TabThe intuitive user interface allows you to organize all of your tasks and resources used within your process.

Interested in learning more about CoTherm? Request a demonstration and we will schedule a time to step you through it.

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