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Our process guarantees complete solutions to complex thermal challenges.

TAITherm can help by reducing the production lifecycle.

Engineers and designers are increasingly relying on modeling and simulation solutions to design, prototype, test and validate as a means to more accurately predict how a built vehicle or other system will respond to various thermal conditions. But only by simulating the complete set of conditions, as they will ultimately present themselves in the real world, will you be able to accurately predict future outcomes.

While the world has historically relied on steady-state analysis, ThermoAnalytics places transient analysis at the core of our process. In the real world, we rarely see a steady state. The sun moves. Wind changes. Environmental temperatures fluctuate. Vehicle drive cycles are dynamic, both in terms of duration and the nature of the work being performed (uphill vs. downhill, for example).

When designing and modeling new concepts, the only way to get the complete picture and most reliable predictor of future performance is through transient analysis and by coupling the complete set of the appropriate tools.

TAITherm can save design teams both time and money.Performing sophisticated simulation via transient analysis methodology does not come at greater cost to OEMs. Quite the contrary, it eliminates many costs baked into the methodology that many OEMs currently use. Furthermore, simulation, when done properly and by coupling the right tools and technology, does not add time to the design and production lifecycle — it reduces it! 

With ThermoAnalytics' advanced TAITherm Software, design teams can do most prototyping and testing virtually through simulation, eliminating much of that time, material, travel and labor cost by solving challenges and discovering opportunities in a virtual environment — reducing expensive and time-intensive physical prototyping and testing. This savings in time, costs, materials and labor can then be reinvested back into the business and into other critical initiatives, such as innovation or marketing.

A process that pays, not costs!

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