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The demand for compact, powerful, and energy-efficient electronics continues to drive forward in a variety of industries. Dissipating waste heat from electronic components is an ongoing challenge in applications. This includes component cooling in electric vehicles, avoiding thermal runaway in mobile devices, or considering novel cooling approaches or thermal storage systems. The heat generated by electrical systems or energy storage can significantly impact the performance of your device. These tasks have become more complicated with the presence of smaller, more powerful electronics.

Utilize Our Team of Experts

Our team of expert engineers can help you develop a robust, thermally managed design. Analysis of heat sink geometry, cooling airflow, and packaging effects can all be considered. Using our thermal simulation software, TAIThermTM, our engineers provide accurate thermal predictions early in your design process. This type of simulation will allow you to make design decisions that can optimize your device before it is a costly change. 

Design with Accurate Predictions

TAITherm offers the flexibility of predicting all modes of heat transfer (conduction, convection, and radiation), which means we can provide a detailed analysis for design optimization. Our engineering team can also deliver transient simulations, allowing you to see your design operate under varying conditions over time. 

Our capabilities span from very low to very high levels of detail. For example, a simulation of dozens of components packaged tightly in a vehicle may only represent each component as a simple exterior surface mesh with airflow leaving and entering, whereas a detailed simulation of a specific component may include individual circuit boards, chips, and solid geometry for heat sinks. No matter the level of detail, ThermoAnalytics' engineers can help you create an optimal design. 

Commonly used in:

  • Printed circuit boards and electronic chips
  • Cell phones
  • Computers
  • Wearables
  • Display technologies
  • Infotainment systems
  • Military communication devices
  • Electromechanical systems (terminals, connectors, protection devices, heat sinks, and fans)

Meet Your Goals

Our team of engineers is ready to help you meet your electrical thermal management goals on budget, on time, and with actionable simulation data for design optimization. 

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thermal simulation audi a6 battery model with warm hood

Take charge

Shifting automotive and electronic industries are requiring more out of the battery performance consumers interact with on a daily basis. From the range of hybrid and electric vehicles to wearable devices and cell phone batteries, they have expectations for long-lasting and fast-charging battery units. 

Our team of battery experts can model the complexities of your battery and provide a complete thermal analysis by using TAITherm with the Battery Extension. 

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TAITherm Human 3

Accurate Comfort Predictions 

Simulating human thermal comfort will provide the information needed to optimize the user experience and ensure product acceptance.

Our engineers can help you create a thermal simulation using TAIThermTM with the Human Thermal Extension. This will help you understand how altering the variables of your design affects the overall comfort of the human within your design. 

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Textiles Industry

Optimize Your Design with Simulation

Identify optimal materials for your design without sacrificing time, budget, or resources. The materials you use are essential variables in a successful thermal management strategy. You should use a robust simulation strategy to ensure your chosen materials make the grade. 

Simulation allows you to model the performance of any material or textile under any condition. You can also analyze many variants of your material without having to create multiple prototypes. Your optimization can be done virtually and verified in testing. This process enables faster production while saving you time and resources. 

TAITherm offers a robust simulation method that can produce fast, transient simulations, include human thermal comfort analysis, and account for moisture transport and its effects on your thermal analysis. 

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