Utilize a custom CAE coupling process to explore thermal simulations with the added capabilities of flow and system-level simulations.

Our experienced team will help you bring your simulations closer to real-world predictions by utilizing the strengths of thermal, CFD, or FEA codes to build models with higher accuracy and better results.

If you are no longer satisfied with the level of detail you’re receiving from simple simulations, or your project scope has changed, we can help. Our custom CAE coupling process allows you to utilize the strengths of multiple simulation tools for better accuracy and an in-depth representation of your design problems. Our team is not only well versed in TAIThermTM, our transient thermal simulation tool, but many other popular CAE tools as well.

Resolve your thermal problems quickly and get more time back for optimization when you have us run coupled simulations for you. We leverage our custom coupling software, CoThermTM, to promptly complete the coupling process and provide you with actionable results quickly.

Coupling is Possible With These CAE Tools:


By leveraging advanced simulation tools, our experienced team of engineers will help you understand the thermal and fluid flow components of your designs. We complete steady-state, pseudo-transient, and full-transient coupling processes. TAITherm couples with industry-recognized CFD tools, including StarCCM+, Fluent, OpenFOAM, and more. 


Our team of experts utilizes TAITherm’s 3D geometry-based simulations, coupled with inputs gathered from system-level 1D tools to analyze cabin, engine, and underbody simulations. TAITherm seamlessly couples with 1D tools, including GT-SUITE, AMESim, Flowmaster, and MATLAB. 

Thermal Stress/FEA

Excess heat will put undue stress on your designs, ultimately leading to premature product failure. Our thermal engineering team will simulate your product in transient, real-world environments to provide the most realistic performance predictions. Export the thermal data directly into an FEA tool to compute thermal stress.  

Optimizing Your Process

In every design, there is always the potential for improvement. Whether you are looking to maximize cost, energy savings, or process improvement—our team is here to help. Using CoTherm, we’ll help you identify problems in your thermal or CFD designs, test variables, and develop solutions early in the process to increase efficiency and cost savings. Our timely feedback and actionable results create more time in your production schedule while optimizing your designs for success.

Workflow Automation

Our thermal simulation experts can work with you to either 1) create an automated workflow, providing you with the models and coupled analysis to validate your decisions, or 2) develop a process for you to couple the CAE tools of your choice, where you will receive the framework to complete CAE coupling and analysis on your own.

Coupled Solutions for Thermal Management

Our team of engineers is ready to help you create coupled solutions for your thermal management problems on budget, on time, and with actionable simulation data for design optimization. 

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Optimize Occupant Comfort

Because of the time spent in homes, offices, and vehicles traveling between the two, the automotive, architecture, and aerospace industries are all attempting to reach optimal occupant comfort for the utmost satisfaction of their customers. Our expert engineers have the knowledge and skills you need to predict cabin comfort and determine HVAC efficiency for your comfort strategies. They'll help you analyze localized heating and cooling, HVAC systems, and human sensation and comfort to ensure your customer's comfort. 

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The Heart of Vehicle Safety

Safety is the most crucial vehicle metric for consumers. Brakes function, understanding where the heat is transferred, and what temperature distributions are occurring are important factors in your design. Optimizing the brake system is made efficient with thermal simulation. We understand the stringent requirements of brake systems and the delicacy of trade-offs in such a crucial component of the vehicle. 

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Manage Complex Thermal Challenges 

Our team utilizes advanced simulation tools to provide you with fast and accurate data and simulations for transient or steady-state cases for real-world scenarios. We use TAITherm with the Exhaust Extension to quickly create an underbody/exhaust or underhood model that considers the unique physics that the components undergo in cases including hill climbs, trailer towing, hot soaks, or driving cycles.  Our method utilizes all modes of heat transfer, so you never miss a thermal interaction.

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If you would like to learn more about our CAE coupling service and how it can provide you with an actionable design direction, reach out! We will demonstrate how our software will fit your specific requirements and help you understand what you will need to begin simulating human comfort, safety, and effectiveness. 

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