The comfort of the occupants within a structure is impacted by the materials, the surrounding buildings, and environmental factors.

Analyze Materials

Use TAITherm™, our thermal simulation software, for a true depiction of comfort and efficiency within your design. Make educated design decisions about building orientation, window placement, interior office placement, and temperature control systems with an accurate analysis from TAITherm. You can also dive deeper into your window analysis and investigate different window materials, glazings and coatings. The thermal analysis software enables you to understand how and where selected design materials will be affected by its surrounding environment.

Environmental Thermal Analysis for Architecture

TAITherm analyzes solar positioning, date, time, and transient weather conditions to help you meet energy savings and human comfort goals. By analyzing your design in the environment it will reside, TAITherm provides a complete analysis of the building, offering you accurate insight to solidify design decisions.  

Human Thermal Comfort Analysis

Use our thermal solver, TAITherm with the Human Thermal Extension to dive deeper into the thermal comfort of an occupant within your design. With the addition of the Extension, you will understand how the materials you choose and the environment your design is in will have an effect on the overall comfort level of the human. Utilize our thermal simulation software to determine how the amount of people and the activity they are performing within your space affects their overall comfort.

Thermal Structural Analysis Services

Do an advanced thermal analysis of the building to thermally optimize your structural design and increase energy efficiency within it, or allow our engineers to do the heavy lifting for you with our fast, transient, thermal simulation software.

Areas of Expertise

thermal simulation of human in automobile for cabin comfort

Optimize Occupant Comfort

Because of the time spent in homes, offices, and vehicles traveling between the two, the automotive, architecture, and aerospace industries are all attempting to reach optimal occupant comfort for the utmost satisfaction of their customers. Our expert engineers have the knowledge and skills you need to predict cabin comfort and determine HVAC efficiency for your comfort strategies. They'll help you analyze localized heating and cooling, HVAC systems, and human sensation and comfort to ensure your customer's comfort. 

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male and female passengers seating in gulf airplane

Accurate Comfort Predictions 

Simulating human thermal comfort will give you the information you need to optimize the user experience and ensure product acceptance.

Our engineers can help you create a thermal simulation using TAITherm with the Human Thermal Extension. You will be able to understand how altering the variables of your design affect the overall comfort of the human within your design. 

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Textiles Industry

Optimize Your Design with Simulation

Identify optimal materials for your design without sacrificing time, budget, or resources. The materials you use are essential variables in a successful thermal management strategy. You should use a robust simulation strategy to ensure your chosen materials make the grade. 

Simulation allows you to model the performance of any material or textile under any condition. You can also analyze many variants of your material without having to create multiple prototypes. Your optimization can be done virtually and verified in testing. This process enables faster production while saving you time and resources. 

TAITherm offers a robust simulation method that can produce fast, transient simulations, include human thermal comfort analysis, and account for moisture transport and its effects on your thermal analysis. 

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Getting Started

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If you would like to learn more about our architecture simulation capabilities, let's talk! We will demonstrate how our software can fit your requirements and help you understand what you will need to simulate your thermal management strategy. 

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