Field Testing & Validation Services

Our thermal test experts will come to your site to collect real-world thermal data. Our team is equipped with tools that capture the complete operating environment, which allows for better simulations and more accurate readings, thermal signature predictions, and overall analysis of performance.

After gathering test outcomes, our team will validate the simulation results from TAITherm by quantifying the error against physical test data. The validation process ensures that the model is accounting for all methods of heat transfer, registering heat transfer data accordingly, and providing accurate results based on the operating environment.

Validate Your Models with Real-World Test Data

Leverage our thermal simulation expertise to ensure all modes of heat transfer are accounted for through simulation and physical testing.

Validate your simulation against real-world test data to gain confidence before running your design through system-level and large scale simulations in a variety of thermal scenarios it may encounter. Our team of experts can set up a simulation process using our TAITherm software and complete physical tests using our collection of thermal and infrared testing tools. We provide you with data that validates your models and accurately predicts performance.

Tools We Use

Infrared/IR Camera

Used for infrared signature measurement and surface temperature measurement (thermography).

Black Bodies

Temperature controlled black body radiation sources used for calibration of infrared imagery.

Weather Station

Measure local weather data for use in TAITherm and MuSES. Measure air temperature, relative humidity, solar irradiance, sky radiance, wind speed, and direction.

SOC 410 Surface Reflectometer

Measure spectral surface reflectance, which can be used to calculate thermal emissivity and solar absorptivity.

Testing Expertise

Human Thermal Testing

ThermoAnalytics’ Human Thermal Testing is an exclusive process developed by our in-house thermal management experts to capture the subjective comfort response in the specific thermal environment. Our test experts use human test models to capture boundary conditions and validate the data with thermal comfort simulations. The Human Thermal Extension can incorporate measurements from HVAC and STAN manikins to capture realistic boundary conditions of human functions. This provides high accuracy and better designs due to a greater understanding of real-world performance.

Battery Modeling

ThermoAnalytics battery modeling team will model the temperature distribution and charge state of the battery pack over time to understand the behavior at both the cell and pack level for optimal battery design. Our team of experts will take the simulation results and validate them with the battery test data you provide.

Infrared Signature Management

Our thermal test experts use advanced IR cameras to capture infrared images of your design, measuring the contrast between the subject and the environment, while accounting for atmospheric effects. Our team uses the infrared imagery and thermal measurements of the environment to validate the model with simulations completed in our MuSES software. The validated models can be used to find the optimal characteristics to create a less detectable product.

Thermal Management

Our team of thermal simulation experts will help you run advanced thermal simulations whether you lack computational or engineering resources, or just need an extra hand in the process. We can run the entire simulation for you, develop a process for your simulation. allowing you to run iterations on your own, or work side-by-side to guide you through advanced simulation projects. Our expertise spans many industries and many tools, allowing us to address a wide variety of thermal challenges.

Test for Better Predictions

Our team of engineers is ready to help you create tests for your thermal management problems on budget, on time, and with actionable data to predict performance. 

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Accurate Comfort Predictions 

Simulating human thermal comfort will provide the information needed to optimize the user experience and ensure product acceptance.

Our engineers can help you create a thermal simulation using TAIThermTM with the Human Thermal Extension. This will help you understand how altering the variables of your design affects the overall comfort of the human within your design. 

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Take charge

Shifting automotive and electronic industries are requiring more out of the battery performance consumers interact with on a daily basis. From the range of hybrid and electric vehicles to wearable devices and cell phone batteries, they have expectations for long-lasting and fast-charging battery units. 

Our team of battery experts can model the complexities of your battery and provide a complete thermal analysis by using TAITherm with the Battery Extension. 

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Natural Effects

No matter where your product will operate, it is imperative to understand how the surrounding environment will affect it. 

Our expert engineers will create a transient thermal analysis of your design environment to ensure you are modeling the true environment of your product. TAITherm can model environmental and material properties to ensure optimization. 

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Effective Strategies for Signature Analysis

Signature requirements for EO/IR seek to define how easily a vehicle, ship, aircraft, or spacecraft can be “acquired” or recognized as distinct from the background environment. It is similar to defining a maximum signal-to-noise ratio for a given platform: the lower the signal, the less distinct it is from the noisy background imagery. Because the requirements for signature often dictate the maximum contrast relative to the background, leading OEMs contract with ThermoAnalytics to plan ahead for effective strategies to minimize or control signatures, leading to improved performance and what is often termed, “low observables” design.

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