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Why ThermoAnalytics? Because the real world doesn't happen in a steady state.

ThermoAnalytics - Calumet, MI Office

ThermoAnalytic's corporate office is located in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

Since our founding in 1996, ThermoAnalytics has remained committed to mastering both the art and the science of thermal simulation, based specifically on transient analysis methodology. As opposed to most modeling software that simulates heat modeling in a steady-state, laboratory-like environment, transient analysis simulates the true complexity of the real-world environment and the performance of the manufactured components. 

The result is the most accurate, innovative, complete and reliable simulation data, which allows organizations to optimize design, manufacturing and performance early in the design phase. 

We are committed to simulating the whole problem, which is why we take a flexible, multi-physics approach to our analyses, taking into account all heating and cooling factors: conduction, convection, radiation and environmental influences on a first principles basis. We work to apply 3D modeling technology that most closely replicates the three dimensional world we live in.

Whatever the thermal challenge may be, ThermoAnalytics is passionate about applying the right solution to address the problem correctly, quickly and completely, ultimately resulting in the optimal outcome for our clients.

Reliable design intelligence earlier in the design process saves both time and cost.