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We have developed partnerships with leading technology firms across the globe. We work together with these companies to develop complementary technologies and solutions to provide maximum value to our customers.

Dassault Systèmes has developed a tightly integrated thermal solution that has automated coupling between PowerTHERM thermal solver and the PowerFLOW fluid dynamice software to solve a wide range of problems. Dassault offers a suite of programs that deliver advanced pre and post-processing capabilities and much more

Gamma Technologies is the developer of GT-SUITE, a model-based systems engineering (MBSE) CAE system simulation tool. It provides a broad set of validated 0D/1D/3D multi-physics component libraries simulating the physics of fluid flow, thermal, mechanical, multi-body, structural, leectrical, magnetic, chemistry, and controls. We have joined forces with Gamma Technologies to offer our customers advanced simulation capabilities based on the complementary strengths of GT-SUITE and TAITherm.

Thermetrics manufactures the thermal-controlled test manikin, NEWTON, which can be integrated and controlled using our ManikinPC human thermal simulation software. In recent years they have added two new manikins, HVAC and STAN, utilized for cabin comfort testing and seat testing respectively. Thermetrics’ manikins integrate tightly with TAITherm and the Human Thermal Extension. 

Other tools we couple with: