For over two decades, ThermoAnalytics has supported the defense industry with expertise, software, and engineering services.

EO/IR Signature Analysis

As the global leader in EO/IR simulation, we provide low observable design and the technology to assess target-background contrast anywhere on Earth virtually. Electro-optics and infrared signatures are extensively employed for target acquisition and guidance systems. However, the target itself is only part of the radiance solution; our technologies include the effectiveness of background source radiance, solar loads, and even diffuse sky radiance. By developing software based on physics, we bring EO/IR remote imaging reality into focus.

Machine Learning Data Sets

As machine learning algorithms emerge for target recognition, we deliver comprehensive datasets of accurately rendered targets in various geolocations. This enables effective satellite persistent monitoring and flagging of outlier images. We provide satellite multispectral platforms with key training data by simulating EO/IR from first principles, starting at visual through IR and out to millimeter wavelengths.

Human Survivability

Defense professionals value performance. Understanding how humans perform over various environmental conditions, from hyper- to hypothermia, is crucial to planning operations and rescue missions. Furthermore, climate control systems in defense vehicles must be designed to adequately manage all loads under extreme conditions, including human metabolic loads. Our experts are the global leaders in human thermal simulation, and our software tools allow us to predict human survivability and their EO/IR signature at range, in-band, with atmospheric effects. We’ve supported programs to help locate man-over-board victims and escaped prisoners.

Ground Vehicles

With a massive library of predeveloped engineering models of adversarial ground vehicles, our team can rapidly develop and deliver a comprehensive thermal/EO-IR dataset covering any geographical location and mission profile. We can include all relevant thermal drivers to the system and the impact of low observable kits. Get clarity on vulnerabilities and how to mitigate them with expert support and MuSES software. 

Areas of Expertise

MuSES Summary 2024

Industry-Leading Signature Management

MuSESTM (Multi-Service Electro-Optic Signature) is an industry-leading signature management software that provides complete thermal modeling and infrared signature prediction capabilities. MuSESTM allows you to simulate any environment or condition and generate accurate EO/IR signature predictions. It provides many powerful features allowing you to model vehicles, aircraft plumes, ship wakes, humans, atmospheric effects, and more.

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Responsible for maintaining proper temperature levels in the harsh environment of space, the thermal control system is a critical component of any satellite. This system typically uses a combination of passive and active techniques to manage temperature using radiation and conduction. Using advanced modeling and simulation tools, like MuSES, these systems can be designed and optimized to consider various factors including heat generation, dissipation, and distribution. Understanding these systems is crucial for mission planners and engineers to ensure mission success.

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infrared and signature simulation of ship in water from an aerial perspective

Effective Strategies for Signature Analysis

Signature requirements for EO/IR seek to define how easily a vehicle, ship, aircraft, or spacecraft can be “acquired” or recognized as distinct from the background environment. It is similar to defining a maximum signal-to-noise ratio for a given platform: the lower the signal, the less distinct it is from the noisy background imagery. Because the requirements for signature often dictate the maximum contrast relative to the background, leading OEMs contract with ThermoAnalytics to plan ahead for effective strategies to minimize or control signatures, leading to improved performance and what is often termed, “low observables” design.

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close up of thermal model of two pilots in plane cockpit

Predicting Survival + Effectiveness

Predicting human thermal survival involves simulation across several distinct domains to be computed simultaneously – the environmental conditions over time, a detailed human physiology model that includes thermoregulation, and clothing models to capture both heat transfer and mass transfer resistance. Humans are thermally quite fragile and many critical biological processes are highly sensitive to temperature, including cognition.  Thermal survival is limited to the study of how the body responds to dehydration, hypo- and hyperthermia, ignoring the situational effects of reduced cognitive capacity on the choices an individual makes when overheated or suffering from cold exposure.

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