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Advanced Building and Site Analysis

Solar and environmental thermal analysis as related to human thermal comfort

The leading global architectural firms rely on ThermoAnalytics to deliver architectural thermal analysis of highly efficient buildings and structures. Using our proprietary solar simulation technology, our research engineers compute the temperatures across buildings, surrounding terrains and landscapes, and internal spaces. The solar energy incident on the building envelope and through windows is accurately computed based on global position, date, time and weather conditions over time. Solar thermal loading to walls, floors and reflected solar energy from terrains up through windows to ceilings is predicted with our TAITherm software. The optimal orientation of buildings, overhang design, and window designs can be analyzed and cost-benefit analysis performed on exterior designs and insulation schemes.

Some common areas of interest for thermal modeling are: 

Building site thermal analysis and solar loading services


  • Site/Building Positioning
  • Location and size of windows
  • Window glazing/ tint/ coatings
  • Reflections


  • Heating/cooling capacity
  • Minimization of energy needs with insulation, window design, building/site orientation
  • Human Comfort

Post Processing

  • Transient animations
  • Imagery of temperature, convection, solar, radiation, human comfort visualization


  • Water Features
  • Innovations like non-stationary roofs, automated blinds
  • Stadium canopies
  • Trees for shade (landscaping)
  • Ventilated roofs
  • In-floor heat (radiant, hydro)
  • Cooled ceiling