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Brake Thermal Performance

Brake cooling with TAITherm

The extreme transience of brakes make energy management a highly complex simulation. ThermoAnalytics has supported validated simulations of vehicle brake systems, including comparing them against dynamometer-driven systems with thermocouple measurements. Because our TAITherm software has emerged as the leading software for high-temperature brake analysis, our engineers are well-prepared to employ this tool to capture all modes of heat transfer from the system: radiation, conduction and convection. Our simulation methods include all transient braking events whether that is a high-speed track test or any transient customer driving profile.

Improve Thermal Performance

Brake thermal analysis

Image courtesy of © Dassault Systèmes

Our engineers can help you identify ways to reduce the mass of your system while improving thermal performance or exploring highly wear-resistant materials. ThermoAnalytics has supported leading European auto companies with brake thermal analysis on commercial vehicles. Give your team the analytical edge by leveraging our experience—your brake system can be optimized with reduced testing and shorter time-to-market. Using our proprietary TAITherm software and CFD codes (where applicable), our engineers quickly produce accurate models of brakes, clutches, or other friction devices. We deliver comprehensive engineering reports, and in-depth aero-thermal analysis for the entire brake system.