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Underbody & Exhaust Systems

Underhood/exhaust modeling with TAIThermTAITherm is uniquely positioned to model the most complex components and systems. Exhaust system and under body heat transfer prediction is a large part of the reason TAITherm exists as the premier heat transfer analysis tool today.

Exhaust systems are the main heat source in vehicles.  Additional factors such as the exhaust systems location, the dynamic “stop and go” nature of driving, and proximity of parts to the exhaust complicate the concept of modeling exhaust systems.  This is exactly what TAITherm addresses in a quick and cost effective manner.

Once an efficient process for modeling the exhaust system in a realistic, time-dependent environment has been established, TAITherm allows our customers to make design changes to protect unwanted thermal load on critical components.  This could reduce overall vehicle development costs, reduce your testing expenses, and streamline your CAE process. 

Our modeling techniques and software have proven themselves over and over again, officially establishing ThermoAnalytics as the market leader in exhaust system thermal simulation.  Using TAITherm allows our customers to completely model a complex exhaust system within a computationally economical and efficient process that fits the product development requirements. 


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