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Vehicle Signature Management

We have provided the defense industry with many advanced IR signature models for analyzing contrast and detection range through the use of MuSES and TAIThermIR software.

An infrared rendering of a concept unmanned ground vehicle (UGV)

Our decades of engineering expertise in thermal signature model construction and effective simulation methods enable us to rapidly deliver models and interpret their results. Models can also be validated by our field testing services team.

ThermoAnalytics has taken a leading role in developing EO-IR simulation techniques and tools applied specifically to cutting-edge signature management technologies—not just for post design system evaluation, but for technology and system design from the conceptual level up. Our engineers account for all aspects of the target-background signature including: hard-body, engine heating and exhaust plume, solar/lunar glints, environmental sources, atmospherics, as well as structured sky, sea, and land. 

Many defense research teams rely on ThermoAnalytics for EO-IR signature analysis and target model construction using our flagship signature software, MuSES/TAIThermIR.