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Drive thermal management and heat protection for your exhaust components 

TAITherm exhaust simulation

Your exhaust system is one of the hottest and most complex systems to simulate. Beginning with an accurate thermal model will show you how it will respond to real world circumstances and its effects on the surrounding components early in your design process.

This type of front-loaded simulation is possible with the Exhaust Extension, an advanced simulation software within TAITherm that enables you to accurately model your exhaust system and its effects to create efficient, cost-saving progress and solve even the toughest thermal challenges. 

Geometry set up is simple with the Exhaust Extension. Using pre-built components such as pipes, turbochargers, catalytic converters, and also a user defined part option you can easily construct your model. The active components have individualized physics applied to them such as:

exhaust system simulation

  • surface roughness
  • pulsation effects
  • bend angles
  • advanced pathfinding
  • specialized heat rejection and work terms

These specialized parts make setting up your model easy while also enabling a more accurate calculation of convection. 

At its core, the Exhaust Extension uses a powerful, localized convection model with an advanced pathfinding and centering algorithm, delivering accurate results within hours, instead of days.

The Exhaust Extension will prove to be a strategic step in your design process, helping you find answers and provide solutions early in your design process. It will allow you to drive thermal management and heat protection for your most critical components, providing opportunities not only for cost-savings but also revealing new paths for product innovation.

Schedule a demo with one of our technical sales reps to see the Exhaust Extension in action with your geometry.

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