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MuSES is the future of infrared signature prediction.

Infrared Analysis Concept Vehicle Signature Services

MuSES (Multi-Service Electro-Optic Signature) is an industry leading signature management software that provides complete thermal modeling and infrared signature prediction capabilities. MuSES allows you to simulate any environment or condition and generate accurate signature predictions. It provides many powerful features that allow you to model plumes, wakes, humans, atmospheric effects and much more.

With MuSES, running virtual experiments is easy. The inputs needed to run a simulation in MuSES are intuitive and can be selected from included databases (or user-specified from widely available data). Alter the input parameters, then quantify and visualize the impact on a multitude of simulation outputs in real-time. MuSES' powerful solver allows you to run simulations quickly and get the results you need to make actionable decisions. Reduce the amount of time spent on physical experimentation with uncontrolled variables, and rapidly understand cause and effect relationships.
MuSES virtual experimentation (via physics-based simulation) allows you to determine probability of detection or camouflage effectiveness, perform thermal analysis of military vehicles and crafts, and predict human sensation and comfort. With our signature management software, understand how these elements perform under real-world conditions. Meet all your signature management needs with MuSES.

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