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Atmospheric Effects

Modeling atmospheric effects with MuSESThe “atmosphere” is generally very broadly defined as the envelope of gases surrounding the earth.  This envelop not only absorbs energy from things like the sun and weather, but it can have its own radiance based on the temperature of objects within it.  Therefore having an infrared signature code with the flexibility to account for items we know will affect our analysis is extremely important.

Including atmospheric effect is critical for any type of long range imaging or sensor modeling.  MODTRAN is the definitive standard when modeling atmospheric conditions, and it is deeply embedded into our code.  Because “weather happens”, users can adjust and provide control by adjusting sky dome, radiance path, and solar effects, among many other things that might effect a signature calculation.  These are all enhanced with our use of MODTRAN.

As mentioned, customization is important but our job is to bring those options to you with usability in mind.  We utilize the brilliance of MODTRAN and embedded it in the most user friendly and flexible computing environment we could code.