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Design the complete solution with TAITherm.

TAITherm is the industry’s most complete and flexible thermal modeling software, one that predicts the full range of temperature distribution in your product or system. TAITherm applies a multi-physics approach to solve for thermal conduction, radiation, and convection under both steady-state and transient conditions.

TAITherm's highly optimized algorithms handle even the most complex heat transfer questions. Armed with a complete and precise understanding of how components will manage heat under dynamic real-world scenarios, TAITherm can be used to perform “virtual prototyping” and maximize engineering options in early stages of development.

To avoid unnecessary production costs, design delays and inaccurate testing results, discover how TAITherm can shorten production cycles, save on labor, testing and material costs, and ultimately provide a more precisely predictive picture of real-world performance.

It’s the industry’s first and foremost full-spectrum thermal management solution!

Curious about the difference between TAITherm, MuSES, and TAIThermIR?

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