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Human Thermal Extension

Our Human Thermal Extension is a state-of-the-art technology for predicting human thermal comfort, safety, and effectiveness. It operates within our thermal analysis software, TAIThermIR, to provide a comprehensive simulation of human thermal sensation and thermoregulation under transient and asymmetric environmental conditions. All thermoregulatory responses can be simulated based on many factors, including activity level.

We have developed a comprehensive library of standard human models in various poses including both female and male physiologies. We have also developed an extensive clothing database for rapid model setup.

Applications of human thermal simulation technology include:

Human thermal module with TAIThermIR

  • Architectural analysis, including window placement
  • Cabin comfort
  • HVAC optimization, including heated and cooled elements
  • Firefighter safety equipment
  • Protective gear
  • Athletic performance clothing
  • Human safety in extreme environments