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The ManikinPC software exchanges thermal data with a manikin and provides physiologically-based response over time.

ManikinPC, (Manikin Physiology Control and Predictive Comfort Software), is a closed-loop feedback control system for the Newton Manikin that accurately mimics the human thermoregulatory system and provides metrics for comfort and sensation. ManikinPC features include: 

  • Validated thermoregulatory control scheme
  • Computes indexes for sensation and comfort
  • Provides accurate perspiration rates
  • Supports transient analysis for changing environments
  • "Virtual sweating" heat rates can be integrated

"Newton" is an advanced, fully articulated thermal manikin system built in accordance with ASTM and ISO standards to meet the garment evaluation needs of testing institutes, clothing, and sleeping bag manufacturers. Newton is available in either a 50th percentile Western Male or Asian Male body form, with sweating, walking, and breathing capabilities. For more information contact Thermetrics, Seattle, Washington USA at 206-456-9119.


Sample plot of thermal comfort when a virtual human enters a hot automobile and engages the air conditioning. Each body segment’s comfort index is computed.

ManikinPC defines a new state-of-the-art for human simulation with a thermal manikin. ManikinPC receives thermal data from Newton and computes accurate physiological and metabolic responses over time. Newton essentially becomes “wired” with software that predicts blood flow rates, perspiration rates, and core body temperature. These are translated to physiological responses onto each zone of Newton to produce a realistic thermal response. In addition to controlling the manikin’s heating, indexes for local and whole body thermal sensation and comfort are computed, delivering useful metrics for assessing product design.

Thermoregulatory Control System

ThermoAnalytics human simulation technologyThe human thermoregulatory control system is a highly complex network of sensors, blood flow rates, and metabolic heat rates. The ManikinPC control system allows for a variable activity level that simulates the human metabolism while sleeping, resting, working, or exercising. Any level of activity can be input and appropriate metabolic wattages will be imposed onto the various manikin zones. Thermistors located throughout Newton's "skin" provide real-time measured inputs of skin temperature, which factor into the sensation metrics and determine vasodilitation and vasoconstriction responses. The ManikinPC control system responds in real time with appropriate thermal response to inputs, mimicking the transient behavior of a human body.

Real Time Controls for Newton

  • Virtual thermal simulation of human physiology
  • Inputs from skin temperatures from manikin
  • Variable activity levels determine metabolic rates
  • Feedback controls in real time set thermal loads
  • "Virtual sweating" can be simulated without water
  • Integrate hand, foot and head models with a complete human thermal model

Newton & Custom Physiology

Future versions of ManikinPC will couple the standard 50th percentile male Newton to virtual humans of any body shape or size. This will permit testing of clothing and equipment on Newton with virtual female physiology or variable body shapes. The physiology, skin areas, body masses and metabolic rates will be adjusted to predict how a smaller or larger Newton would respond to the environmental conditions and clothing. Clothes can be tested and designed for the complete span of body shapes in the target market.

Future Developments for ManikinPC

Users can upgrade to the latest version of Manikin PC while keeping their existing Newton manikin.

  • Virtual manikin controls based on variable body sizes and gender (regardless of physical manikin size)
  • User-defined body segments to use custom physiology data
  • Improvements to physiology and comfort model based on test data
  • Integrate hand, foot, and head models with a complete human thermal model