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Aircraft Analysis

We provide simulation and field testing of aircraft for thermal and infrared signature analysis.

ThermoAnalytics is a world leader in infrared signature modeling and analysis, including airplanes, helicopters and rockets. Our engineers and scientists deliver the comprehensive IR signature models with hardbody and plumes integrated in a single rendering process. Using our proprietary MuSES software, all relevant thermal signature drivers are accounted for and composited into the band-specific infrared rendering.

In addition to aircraft target models, we provide ground target modeling with full environments and backgrounds.

All branches of the US Armed Services work with ThermoAnalytics to obtain high quality, band-specific models. Target recognition studies employ renderings from our MuSES software training classifiers to identify targets over a wide range of operating conditions and mission profiles. Our decades of engineering expertise in model construction and effective simulation methods enable rapid delivery of models and interpretations of results. Models can also be validated by our field testing services team.

Aircraft IR signature management can be accomplished through simulatiInfrared rendering of jet in MWIRon with our MuSES software. By testing surface treatments to the hardbody and importing CFD species and temperatures for plumes, a reduced overall contrast can be achieved, and rendered at-range/altitude with atmospheric attenuation and accurate sky radiances. Our MuSES software calls MODTRAN in the background to compute spectral sky radiances and delivers in-band directional reflections from sky, solar and terrestrial sources. Aircraft paints can also be tested and optimized for specific mission profiles, times of day, and weather conditions.