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Ground Vehicle Analysis

Ground Vehicle Specialty Materials for IR Signature Analysis

ThermoAnalytics is a world leader in ground vehicle infrared signature modeling and analysis. Our engineers provide the most comprehensive IR signature models available, integrating a wide range of engineering codes with proprietary engineering processes. Using our MuSES software, all relevant thermal signature drivers are accounted for and incorporated into the ground vehicle thermal, diffuse infrared, and BRDF infrared computations.

We deliver high quality, band-specific models, from low-resolution targets for realtime calculations to comprehensive, high resolution models with detailed heat sources linked to an operational profile. Our decades of engineering expertise in model construction and effective simulation methods enable rapid delivery of models and interpretations of results.

Ground Vehicle IR Signature: ZSU with Plume

Ground Target Recognition

ThermoAnalytics provides accurate simulation of vehicles for target recognition analysis and training of classifiers. Accurate target-background interactions yield high quality inputs for recognition algorithms. Sensor models can also be developed and imposed using downstream computational tools.

IR Signature Management of Ground Vehicles

IR Signature Management of ground vehicles can be accomplished by our engineering teams and our MuSES software. Heat management engineering changes can be tested in MuSES and the resulting LO design optimized. Surface treatments and both active and passive systems can be tested within the virtual MuSES environment, leading to a fully-managed infrared signature.

Ground Vehicle Paint Optimization

ThermoAnalytics also offers paint optimization engineering services. One way to improve signatures without adding vehicle weight or significant cost is to modify paint characteristics to minimize signatures through effective paint design. Our analytical methods and robust support from paint manufacturers can significantly improve signatures over a targeted mission profile.