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Laboratory Testing Services

Laboratory testing services

Because we begin all analysis by working closely with our customers to develop a comprehensive understanding of the system and physics involved, our work exhibits a rare thoroughness and follow-through in engineering reports and presentations. By contracting with ThermoAnalytics to analyze your thermal challenge, you can rest assured that every aspect of the study will be handled with the mastery and professionalism of highly experienced engineers, physicists and scientists.

While most of our work is subject to nondisclosure agreements and cannot be discussed, the problems we solve often fall into the following general categories:

  • Identification of hotspots or other energy problems in virtual prototypes
  • Analysis of design problems in products, vehicles, buildings, terrains and systems
  • Studies of environmental loading in transient, high- and low-temperature climates

Laboratory testing services

Extended Testing Partnerships

Our team of engineers and scientists is recognized as the global leader in heat transfer simulation. For example, when the National Park Service wanted to simulate condensation events inside the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C., they chose ThermoAnalytics to create the CAD, to develop and validate a thermal model of the entire building, and to deliver a comprehensive study of ways to prevent condensation.

Ground Truth for Modeling

Because all validation tasks involve proprietary content, we are limited in materials that can be displayed openly on our website. Our research engineers deliver validation and verification services to large industrial clients and US government and defense organizations. ThermoAnalytics, Inc. delivers comprehensive engineering services to corporations, academic institutions, and government agencies. As global leaders in heat transfer physics, thermal management, and computational methods, our team has delivered some of the most advanced simulations ever performed to Fortune 500 firms.

Validation involves ensuring that all relevant physics and fundamental representations of the model in question are accounted for within acceptable limits. Verification includes ensuring that all inputs, such as material properties, surface conditions or boundary conditions are correct for a given scenario and location.

Our team provides validation of thermal through a robust workflow and attention to ground truth measurements. Accurate field measurements of meteorological conditions and loads from heat sources are needed to define the system drivers. Our field testing expertise supports model validation where actual or surrogate prototypes are available. Accounting for both known inputs and “backing out” unknowns through indirect measurements, our models can be validated prior to release for engineering use by our customers. An accurate model requires many inputs to capture all relevant physics. Our laboratory services can characterize both surface-optical and physical properties of materials to ensure good correlation.

Our customer list includes dozens of Fortune 500 companies, along with many US government and defense organizations, including:

  • National Parks Service (Historical Building Preservation of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.)
  • US Coast Guard
  • US Army
  • Raytheon
  • AER
  • SAIC
  • ONR