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Battery Thermal Management

ThermoAnalytics' engineering team can provide comprehensive support for the thermal characterization of batteries and guidance on testing procedures or data analysis. In addition, we offer consulting to develop an overall methodology and simulation plan that will achieve customer objectives. Our staff can rapidly mesh vehicle or battery geometry for optimal simulation time and carry out the model setup, analysis, and validation/verification.  Using the advanced methods that our engineering team has developed, we can simulate any and all battery operating scenarios much faster than using typical 3D simulation tools. 

Battery Extension Applications

Battery thermal management with TAITherm

  • Validation and test method implementation
  • Optimized simulation process for cell and pack level studies
  • Cooling, insulation, and heat protection studies
  • Vehicle drive cycle model: heat up and cool down
  • Electrical drive cycle power profile
  • Coupled thermal-electrical simulation
  • Analysis of battery cells
  • Design of battery pack systems
  • Packaging and vehicle integration
  • Battery life prediction and battery runaway