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Composites / Laminates

Composites and laminates are often exposed to stress due to their thermal environment. Understanding the limits and optimal range for your composites or laminates is important and can help you achieve your design goals faster and more accurately.

Composites with TAIThermAlong with our powerfully capable software TAITherm, our expert engineering team can help you find the right solution for your thermal management issue. Within TAITherm our engineers can accurately represent composite and laminate materials using the layered part type. The layered part type also allows us to create up to 24 layers choosing from a library of materials or we can define materials specific to your project if the necessary values are available. These layers can be defined as anisotropic and preferred conduction direction can be set, yielding an accurate 3D conduction network. In TAITherm we can alter key values such as layer density, specific heat, and thermal conductivity all within the model, allowing us to get you the precise results you need quickly.