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Exhaust Thermal Modeling

Let ThermoAnalytics help you in determining the thermal loading of your vehicle underbodies.

Vehicle exhaust systems are subject to intense thermal loading. It requires both careful methodology and engineering experience to accurately predict their shielding, underhood, and underbody temperatures. Whether your goal is mass reduction, improved manifold shielding, or developing diesel particulate filters, the fastest, most cost-effective way to a reliable solution is partnering with ThermoAnalytics.



Thermal analysis of exhaust sytem and manifold

An Industry-Leading Team

ThermoAnalytics' engineering team includes experts from within the automotive industry that have many years of experience developing solutions to exhaust heat transfer problems. From optimized heat shield design to full-vehicle simulations of hot soak driving cycles, our engineers provide you with the most cost-effective and comprehensive simulations.

Utilizing the Most Advanced Tools

Using our proprietary TAITherm software (and CFD codes where applicable), our engineers quickly deliver accurate underhood, underbody, and exhaust system models.


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