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Solar/Environmental Analysis

Building site thermal analysis and  solar loading services

Building site thermal analysis and solar loading services

The leading global architectural firms rely on ThermoAnalytics to deliver architectural thermal analysis of highly energy efficient buildings and structures. Using our proprietary solar simulation technology, our research engineers compute the temperatures across buildings, surrounding terrains and landscapes, and internal spaces. The solar energy incident on the building envelope and through windows is accurately computed based on global position, date, time and weather conditions over time. Solar thermal loading to walls, floors and reflected solar energy from terrains up through windows to ceilings is predicted with our software. The optimal orientation of buildings, overhang design, and window designs can be analyzed and cost-benefit analysis performed on exterior designs and insulation schemes.

Architectural thermal analysis

As energy costs rise, many architectural firms recognize the value of effective energy management in buildings but are unsure of how to reach state-of-the-art accuracy. From studies of wind canyons using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software to transient thermal analysis with solar shadows and greenhouse effects, the energy management goals of your team can be achieved with support from our engineers.

We begin architecture projects by importing/creating your CAD geometry and developing a high-quality mesh representation. Keeping in mind the goals of your team and possible difficulties unique to your system, we set up boundary conditions and perform the analysis. After a preliminary review of the results, we provide your team with a complete solution, detailed engineering report, and additional visualization tools, such as flow animations, 2D plots, and surface plots. Armed with an accurate prediction of your structure's unique thermal behavior, your engineers can make well-informed design decisions. ThermoAnalytics provides both system-level and building-level analysis. From a quick study of a window design to a full system analysis of HVAC loading requirements, our experience and efficiency are leveraged to a cost-effective solution for your team.

By mastering a wide range of related technologies and software tools, ThermoAnalytics has defined state-of-the-art methods and delivered thermal simulations to leading architecture firms across the US. We provide comprehensive simulation planning, weather data extraction/analysis, and extremely accurate solar/thermal band radiation analysis. 

Even complex “in-situ” factors like solar energy reflected off one building through the windows of an adjacent structure are accurately predicted.

Below is a partial list of our customers related to architectural applications. 

Skidmore, Owings, and Merrill, LLP
STV, Inc.
National Park Service (Historical Building Preservation of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.)