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Underbody/hood Modeling

Underhood/body modeling with TAITherm

Because we have a tireless drive to understand and solve thermal management issues, we continually strive to develop and apply the most innovative and complete technologies and methodologies to solve complex thermal management challenges.  An underbody and exhaust system modeling effort is a complex thermal management challenge, but our dynamic and very well-seasoned engineering team uses our industry leading thermal analysis tool (TAITherm) to solve this issue daily.  This is exactly the type of problem this company was built to solve (and we are very, very good at it). 

Our team establishes an efficient process for modeling the exhaust system in a realistic, time-dependent environment. Our efficient in-house developed software, TAITherm, allows our team to make design changes to protect unwanted thermal load on critical components.  This could reduce overall vehicle development costs, reduce your testing expenses, and streamline your CAE process. 

ThermoAnalytics is the market leader in underbody and exhaust system analysis.  Our team helps our customers completely model a complex exhaust system within a computationally economical and time-efficient process that fits the product development requirements. 


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