We are thrilled to announce that ThermoAnalytics, Inc. has been awarded both a Phase 1 and 2 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) award to develop a single-solver thermal, fluid flow, and infrared (IR) design tool for Army ground vehicles. This program will leverage past and ongoing dual-use activities concerning ThermoAnalytics’ MuSES (IR Signature), TAITherm (Thermal Management), and Human Thermal Comfort (Soldier Effectiveness) analysis codes, as well as other special-application codes.

The objective of Phase is to develop a single-solver design tool for the thermal, fluid flow, and signature evaluation and design of Army ground vehicles. The design tool will simulate the thermal and fluid flow conditions outside and within the vehicle, including the crew cabin, engine compartment, and exhaust system. The output of the design tool will include temperature predictions and renderings of the EO-IR signature of the vehicle

The specific technical objectives of the proposed Phase II effort are:

  • Detailed mapping and coupling of the TFS flow solver and fluid cells with the MuSES thermal solver and thermal mesh elements
  • Accurate accounting of the mixing generated by turbulence in the flow
  • Optimized-for-heat-transfer-analysis trade between accuracy and computational time