We are thrilled to announce that ThermoAnalytics, Inc. has been awarded a competitive Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase II Award from the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) to develop the ThermoReg computer code to aid in the study of the potential health hazards of electronic devices that emit radio frequency radiation. Predicting the health effects of electronic devices that emit radio frequency radiation (RFR) is currently of great interest to the scientific and medical community. Although much interest in RFR has been directed at consumer devices, industrial, medical and military applications where the thermal effects become essential due to the use of higher power, more extended periods of exposure, and repeated exposures.

The objective of Phase II is to i) significantly decrease solution time, ii) increase accuracy, and iii) extend the lifetime and applicability of the ThermoReg software; ThermoReg is used to predict tissue temperatures for high-resolution voxel human models that have been subjected to RF heating. ThermoAnalytics has updated the ThermoReg physiology model with all the improvements made to the commercial code. The ThermoReg development environment was updated to support current platforms and compilers, and an automated testing infrastructure was implemented to increase the robustness of the code development process.

This will be accomplished by implementing solution techniques that take advantage of the massive parallelism that is provided by modern GPUs, improving the underlying thermo-physiology model, and by implementing strategies that reduce run-times by reducing model fidelity when appropriate.