Multi-Selection Editing

Multi-selection editing allows you to select multiple items and edit their shared properties in the Inspector, saving you time when editing complex processes by allowing you to make bulk edits quickly and easily. Multi-selection editing also makes it easy to compare the properties of multiple items, which can be helpful for troubleshooting or making sure that all of your items are configured correctly.

Scatter Plot Enhancements

With our Navigation Toolbar, you can quickly navigate to previously and subsequently selected resources and tasks. Our new Process Hierarchy Navigation widget provides an efficient way to display the current sub-process level and enables you to quickly navigate to encapsulating process levels. In addition, our Resource and Task Inspector now includes a context menu option, allowing you to easily navigate to and view those Resource or Task definitions. These new features allow you to streamline your workflow and manage your simulations more efficiently than ever before.

The latest Scatter Plot enhancements make visualizing and analyzing your data easier. You can now quickly change data visibility, easily navigate between multiple plots, customize legends, and export plots to a variety of formats, including PNG, PDF, JPG, or BMP. These enhancements make CoTherm™ a more powerful and user-friendly data visualization and analysis tool.

TAITherm™ Input Variables now support Input Parameters

Users can use Input Parameters for key model inputs or co-simulation inputs in TAITherm™ models. This makes setting up and running complex models easier and gives you more flexibility in using Input Variables. The TAITherm™ Input Variable now supports Input Parameters in addition to Curves, allowing you to use Input Parameters for key model inputs or co-simulation inputs and easily link to a CoTherm™ process. This can be useful for a variety of tasks, such as DoE/sensitivity/surrogate analysis, drive cycle analysis, and design studies.

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