Parallel task execution

Speed up your entire process by working on multiple computationally expensive steps simultaneously. Create a more efficient workflow controlling your use of HPC/cluster resources using the new subprocess group in CoTherm. This group can include two or more sub-processes, allowing you to run the defined sub-processes one after the other or in parallel (concurrently).

Usability enhancements

Build complex workflows in CoTherm more easily. We added the ability to cut, copy, and paste multiple items in a single operation. Use these operations within a single document or across multiple CoTherm sessions. You can move items in and out of sub-processes and rearrange items all at once to organize your layout more efficiently.

Message window enhancements

For every message that gets logged, CoTherm tracks which task and which software tool is associated with the message, along with the timestamp at which the message occurred. You can also filter the message window based on the associated software tool or task. CoTherm outputs a lot of information, and this new enhancement will help you sort through it quickly and efficiently, even for complex processes with multiple tools running in parallel.