Reference Custom Field Functions in Fluent Export Tasks

The Fluent Export task now includes an option allowing the user to reference custom field functions for results export. This allows you to customize heat transfer coefficient methods that can be used for coupling.

OpenFOAM Integration is Supported on Windows

The integration between CoTherm and OpenFOAM is now supported on the Windows platform. Standard temperature import and convection boundary condition export tasks can be used with any OpenFOAM Windows installation.

Update All Symbol References in One Easy Step

We’ve made several usability improvements to help you develop a more efficient process when working with complex documents. When updating a symbol, CoTherm now finds all references to the symbol and automatically changes each reference to use the new symbol. Information on which items were changed is printed to the Messages window for clarity. This one-step operation ensures that your document remains correctly linked.

Export CSV Results in Star-CCM+ Export Tasks

When working with Star-CCM+ Export tasks, you can now export the results in a .csv file format. The type of file created is determined by the extension of the convection export file - .csv will export a CSV file and .neu/.ntl will export a patran neutral file as in previous versions. CSV is now the default for all process examples, which enables a more efficient workflow when working with Star-CCM+.

Customize Message Colors Based on Associated Tool or Task

For any tool, task, or sub-process, you can associate a color with that particular item. Any message reported from that item will then appear in that color within the Messages window. This gives greater flexibility in making the Messages output easier to read, particularly for processes with multiple sub-process running concurrently and generating interleaved messages.

Updated Branding

Applications and packaged utilities now share a versioning scheme of <Year>.<Major Release>.<Minor Release>, helping to clarify the origin, currentness, and compatibility of the applications. The branding on application icons and splash screens has also been updated.

Drag & Drop into a Sub-Process

We’ve added the ability to select multiple resources and tasks, drag them onto the canvas icon for the sub-process and they will be seamlessly moved into the sub-process. This allows the same rapid reorganization capability as previously provided via cut and paste, but now can be accomplished with a single mouse operation.

Automatically Update Resources in Sub-Process

When importing a sub-process with a global resource that has the same name or symbol as another resource, you now have the ability to choose how to move forward. Automatically update the imported or existing resources to resolve the conflict, and all corresponding references will be updated so that all items are linked to the correct global resource. Once you make your choice of which resources to modify, CoTherm will automatically make the update for you and import the sub-process.

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