Restore Graphics Scenes during Session

The new scene storage feature replaces “Store Visibility” and allows you to show/hide parts and now includes view angle and display mode. Improve your productivity by storing multiple different states of your model within the application session. 

Advanced Graphics

A new Advanced Graphics engine provides you with an improved performance alongside an enhanced look and feel. A preview of this new graphics engine is available so you can take advantage of these improvements while setting up your models.  When working with large models (on the order of 10 million elements), standard actions, such as manipulating the view, switching tabs, and hiding and showing parts, is now nearly instantaneous.  Complete functionality, results visualization, and advanced rendering options will be implemented in future releases.

Model Setup Check with Thermal Links

Thermal link errors display during the model setup check. Improve model accuracy by finding critical thermal link errors and addressing them before running the solution. 

Battery Extension Enhancements

Simulate advanced drive cycles for batteries utilizing improved solver stability during charge/discharge transitions and using new API functions to access battery cell and pack properties during the analysis. 

Interface Enhancements

Open models faster by disabling the graphics window from the interface for improved performance. For quick and easy sub-menus access, use the docking feature to turn the secondary menus into a floating window within your interface. 


Want to learn more? Join Daniel and Allison, two of our talented thermal and CFD engineers, as they walk you through the new features and enhancements in our TAITherm and CoTherm software.

Watch the New Features 2020.2 Webinar