New “Input Parameters”

Organize key model inputs into one list and quickly update models for sensitivity analyses or boundary condition iterations with new “Input Parameters”. Users can define a high-level input parameter or boundary condition using Input Parameters, which can then easily be assigned to different parts and boundary conditions within the model.

Advanced Graphics

The Advanced Graphics Engine is now the only graphics engine available in TAITherm™ now that the Legacy Graphics Engine has been removed. The Advanced Graphics Engine has a simplified user interface, superior graphics performance, and new features and enhancements, making it a more powerful and user-friendly tool for visualizing and analyzing TAITherm™ data.

Cubic Interpolation & Performance Improvements in RapidFlow

The RapidFlow extension is a powerful, easy-to-use 3D flow solver for heat transfer problems. It is tightly integrated with TAITherm™ and works on thermal model geometry to produce fast and stable convection results for a wide range of cell sizes. New features for 2023.2 include a cubic interpolation option, which provides higher accuracy, and optimizations to the pressure and thermal solve steps for faster performance.

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Electrification Performance Improvements

Simulating high-resolution battery packs in the TAITherm™ Battery Extension now takes significantly less time, with some models running in seconds instead of hours. The Joule Heating script now runs significantly faster, up to 6x quicker in some models, thanks to speed improvements in the functions used to add nodes to the solver and those used to look up values in curves.

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