Export Thermal Models as FMUs

TAITherm™ users can now seamlessly couple their thermal models with system modeling tools by exporting them as Functional Mockup Units (FMUs). This compliance with the FMI standard 2.0 allows for easy interaction and integration with various 1D/system simulation tools. FMUs generated from TAITherm™ expose input and output parameters on the interface, enabling applications such as connecting cabin thermal comfort simulations to HVAC system models for optimized energy use.

Distributed Parallelization in RapidFlow™

The RapidFlow™ solver now supports distributed parallelization of the Cartesian solver, significantly boosting simulation speed. By utilizing parallel settings from TAITherm™, this enhancement accelerates turnaround time and increases throughput for cabin comfort simulations and other applications reliant on the Cartesian solver. 

High Altitude Radiation Exchange

Radiation exchange with the ground, sky, and sun can now be simulated for objects at high altitudes, such as those in orbit. Natural weather environments now treat the ground as a sphere instead of an infinite flat plate. This advancement enables accurate simulation of radiation and solar loading on objects far above the Earth's surface, enhancing overall modeling accuracy and realism.

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