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The publications below are available for purchase from the SPIE website. The publications involve infrared analysis with MuSES or RadThermIR Software.

Simulation-based sensor modeling and at-range target detection characterization with MuSES

SPIE Volume Number: 9452
Date Published: 12 May 2015
Author(s): Corey D. Packard, Nicholas E. Saur, Allen R. Curran, Peter L. Rynes

Synthetic scene building for testing thermal signature tracking algorithms

SPIE Volume Number: 7813
Date Published: 12 August 2010
Author(s): David B. Rhodes, J. Daniel Newman, Zoran Ninkov, Paul P. K. Lee, Judith L. Pipher, Gregory J. Gosian, Craig W. McMurtry, Michael D. Presnar

Validation of the thermal code of RadTherm-IR, IR-Workbench, and F-TOM

SPIE Volume Number: 7300
Date Published: 22 April 2009
Author(s): Frédéric Schwenger, Peter Grossmann, Alain Malaplate

Dew, dust, and wind influencing thermal signatures of objects
SPIE Volume Number: 6941
Date Published: 15 April 2008
Author(s): Arcady Reinov, Yossi Bushlin, Alex Lessin, et al.

A simulation for hyperspectral thermal IR imaging sensors
SPIE Volume Number: 6966
Date Published: 14 April 2008
Author(s): Yit-Tsi Kwan, Steven Sawtelle, Uri Bernstein, et al.

Hyperspectral extensions in the MuSES signature code
SPIE Volume Number: 6965
Date Published: 11 April 2008
Author(s): Wellesley Pereira, David Less, Leonard Rodriguez, et al.

CUBI: a test body for thermal object model validation
SPIE Volume Number: 6543
Date Published: 30 April 2007
Author(s): Alain Malaplate, Peter Grossmann, Frédéric Schwenger

Optical signature modeling at FOI
SPIE Volume Number: 6395
Date Published: 5 October 2006
Author(s): C. Nelsson, P. Hermansson, S. Nyberg, et al.

Spectral reflectance and thermal capacitance effects on the accuracy of real-time infrared signature modeling
SPIE Volume Number: 6228
Date Published: 22 May 2006
Author(s): Pete L. Rynes, David M. Less, Scott R. Kangas

Integrating CameoSim and MuSES to support vehicle-terrain interaction in an IR synthetic scene
SPIE Volume Number: 6239
Date Published: 4 May 2006
Author(s): Allen R. Curran, John S. Curlee

Determination of apparent areas in temperature intervals in registered IR images and thermal simulations
SPIE Volume Number: 6239
Date Published: 4 May 2006
Author(s): Mikael Georgson, Mikael Hörnberg, Kristoffer Johansson, et al.

Methods for validation of optical signature models
SPIE Volume Number: 5811
Date Published: 25 May 2005
Author(s): Claes Nelsson, Erik Andersson, David Boerjesson, et al.

Top-attack modeling and automatic target detection using synthetic FLIR scenery
SPIE Volume Number: 5426
Date Published: 21 September 2004
Author(s): Bruce A. Weber, Joseph A. Penn

An explanation of vehicle-terrain interaction in IR synthetic scenes
SPIE Volume Number: 5075
Date Published: 5 September 2003
Author(s): Teresa G. Gonda, David M. Less, David R. Filbee, et al.

Modeling, materials, and metrics: the three-m approach to FCS signature solutions
SPIE Volume Number: 4718
Date Published: 6 August 2002
Author(s): Teresa G. Gonda, David J. Thomas, Raju Namburu, et al.

Hardware-in-the-loop sensor testing using measured and modeled signature data with the real-time IR/EO scene simulator (RISS)
SPIE Volume Number: 4717
Date Published: 12 July 2002
Author(s): Michael J. Eldridge, Stephen E. Jacobs

Thermal camouflage pattern prediction using PRISM and PMO
SPIE Volume Number: 4370
Date Published: 18 September 2001
Author(s): Geralyn BoBo, Teresa G. Gonda, Fred W. Bacon

Ground target infrared signature modeling with the multiservice electro-optic signature (MuSES) code
SPIE Volume Number: 4029
Date Published: 24 July 2000
Author(s): Jeffrey S. Sanders, Keith R. Johnson, Allen R. Curran, et al.

Ground vehicle thermal signature modeling and validation for hardware-in-the-loop imaging infrared sensor testing
SPIE Volume Number: 2741
Date Published: 24 May 1996
Author(s): Jeffrey S. Sanders

Development of a signature supercode
SPIE Volume Number: 1938
Date Published: 15 November 1993
Author(s): Keith R. Johnson, Allen R. Curran, Teresa G. Gonda